Who are we and what do we do?

We develop the Mews Platform, which is a suite of applications and a hub for connecting hotels, guests, and other vendors from the hospitality industry. If you would like to know more about our story and why we decided to build these products, you can read more at https://mewssystems.com/products.

To summarize, we’ve built the following products:

• Mews Commander - Our primary project is a Property Management System made for hotels. This system stores all reservations, helps manage housekeeping, and enables properties to set their prices in real time. This is also a great solution for hostels, which operate very differently from hotels. Commander covers accounting, reporting, communication with channels (booking.com etc.), credit card payments, key cutting, and many more features.

• Mews Distributor - This is our booking engine widget. Properties can embed Distributor on their very own website to convert guests directly. Check out this example at http://emblemprague.com.

• Mews Navigator - An application (web and iOS) used for direct communication between the guest and the hotel. Aside from the messaging feature, it offers guests the ability to check-in online and submit their own personal information. Therefore, when guest arrive at the property, all their information is already in the system, which significantly speeds up their on-site check-in time.

Fun facts:

  • Currently, we have 600+ hotels in 40+ countries live on the platform
  • Our operation began in Prague in 2012. We implemented the first hotel where all receptionists carry iPads, meaning no reception desk!
  • 40% of all our guests currently check in online
  • The largest hostel using our platform has 1,200 beds
  • We have offices located in Amsterdam, Prague, and London

Mews Frontend

  • The frontend of Mews Commander consists of multiple SPAs and some inline JS code. Our current frontend team has been unifying older technology with our React stack as quickly as possible, although it’s still a work in progress, as these updates take time.
  • Distributor and Navigator are built using our React-based stack

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for someone with web development experience and a strong understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React. We also require responsive website development experience with modern frontend technology and tooling (including Flux (Redux), Webpack, etc.) Experience with mobile application development (especially React Native) or others is also required, with an expectation that you to understand RESTful APIs.

Candidates should be able to communicate effectively in English. We are not micro-managers or hand-holders, so we expect you to find your own way from day one. A good cultural fit is important as well. We are all very motivated, but we like people who can deliver strong results and can work independently.

Since we have a small team, we are not looking for people who are still learning how to code. We need candidates to be ready. We want to extend the core of the frontend team, so that once we have enough people, you would be teaching juniors. This is not a position for working remotely. We do not want you to become "an employee", rather we want you to grow with us and eventually become the leader of your own product team. If you meet these qualifications and plan to stay with us for a while, we think you’d be a great fit.

What can you expect?

  • Freedom to choose your own working hours, as long as you deliver results
  • The opportunity to spend time working from our UK and NL offices
  • Work with a super motivated and highly experienced team of young professionals
  • Guaranteed career growth potential
  • Competitive compensation package
  • Friendly and relaxed work culture

Where will you work from?

Prague, Czech Republic

Interested? Read our Dev Interview FAQ!